The Ingredients of a Successful Website Design:

What's in it for me?

The average website visit is less than 30 seconds. It's critical to instantly answer the visitor's "What's in it for me" question.

A good approach is to start with a headline or "elevator speech" that states what you feature and the benefit to the audience.

Studies show eight of ten people read the headline, only two of ten the first paragraph. So even an elevator speech needs to be direct and concise.

If you start off with "Welcome to our web site..." you're only helping your competitors!

Don't make me think!

Most people skim the content, looking at specific items. If you bury your key information three paragraphs down, it will probably be missed.

While search engines favor text, the "billboard" approach that makes it easy to scan for information works best for people. Blitz Media Design can design a site that works both for people (billboard) and search engines (verbose text).

Avoid visual clutter.

A common mistake is to cram every product, menu item, or link on a home page. We recently examined a site that had over 200 links on its home page!

Who is going to take the time to read through all those options? The more you add to a page, the less people are likely to see.

A well-designed web page will focus on the most relevant items, provide easy-to-use navigation, and plenty of white space.

If a page "must" have dozens or more featured items, we can accomplish that without visual clutter.

Content is king.

Site owners often think more about aesthetics than content--those owners already know about their product or service and do not need to be convinced. But the web visitor needs to be sold, and that's done through clear, effective text content. Graphics should support that text content, not replace it.

Making your logo bigger won't get you sales. Clear, compelling sales messages, easy-to-find information, and making it easy for the visitor to take the next step (place an order, request a quote, or donate to your cause) will make your website successful.