E-commerce Web Development Specialists:

We have been building successful e-commerce sites since 1999.

A successful e-commerce site requires three key factors to close a sale:

Blitz Media Design can help you meet these factors. We also can design an e-commerce site for almost any product or service, and have designed sites or pages to sell products, theater tickets, classes, downloadable goods, services, or paid memberships and event registrations.

What Do I Need to Get Started with an E-commerce Site?

You will need to provide complete information on your products, services, or registration information. If you are selling products, we need high resolution, professional quality photographs to show off your products. If you do not have high quality photos, we will photograph your products in our studio or at your location.

You also need a merchant account – a means to accept credit cards. If you do not have this, or are just starting out, PayPal is probably the easiest and most-cost effective option to accept online payments.

If you will be shipping products, we will need weights or shipping costs. You might also consider offering free shipping as a competitive advantage.

What is your policy regarding returns, and do you offer a warranty? For small or new companies, a guarantee and return policy can be the difference in closing the sale.