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Sharing our passion to help the DD community by providing free action items your audience can take immediately to increase DSP job applications

Upcoming Presentations

OPRA Spring Conference
Presentation: Leadership Strategies for Retention
Thursday, April 4th at 3 pm

OHCA Convention
Presentation: How to Increase DSP Job Applications Online
Tuesday, April 30th at 7:30 am

Ability Network of Delaware
Webinar: How to Increase DSP Job Applications Online
Tuesday, May 14th at 1 pm

Recent Presentations


Offered as a talk or webinar


Offered as a talk or webinar

Scott and Craig combine their communication and marketing skills with their personal connection to intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their presentations avoid jargon, charts, and statistics.

Who should attend?

Our talks share high-level strategies and ideas for Executive Directors. While HR managers and recruiters are welcome, we also share ideas on retention and culture that Executive Directors will find helpful.

In our presentations, we share secrets that help your audience to:

  • Dramatically improve job postings for DSPs
  • How to write text that motivates the right people to apply
  • Easy changes to website job application forms to get more applicants
  • Avoiding costly mistakes and how to track recruiting results to help save you thousands of dollars
  • Simple steps you can take now to improve retention

Download a PDF of Our Presentations & Bio's

Our ongoing research and experience allows us to share great insight for your audience.

Jeff Davis

"Thank you again so very much for presenting at our OPRA conference. I so enjoyed your presentation. We will try and reinforce your message continually. I am happy that you have committed your time, energy and remarkable talents to our system."

–Jeff Davis, Director, Ohio Dept. of Developmental DIsabilities

Why should you book Blitz Media Design?

Scott and Craig provide:

  • Clear examples of how to motivate more people to apply as Direct Support Professionals (without increasing wages)
  • Steps you can take immediately to improve the retention of new hires without increasing costs
  • No sales pitch—attendees can use the content presented to help right away
  • Free downloads to reinforce the presentation and help guide attendees take immediate action
Pete Roll

"Before we worked with Craig and Scott, almost no one applied on our website. Thanks to their process, we came up with an approach that produced over 300 online applications in 16 months."

–Peter J. Roll, Executive Director of Resident Home Association

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