Blitz Media Design is rooted in manufacturing...

We get every aspect of the process from draft to delivery. Blitz founder Craig de Fasselle was president of Meter Equipment Manufacturing (MEM), which developed and manufactured flow meters for liquid, gas and steam. Scott de Fasselle spent his early years working in the machine shop, running a drill press and pressure testing meters. (Read more about the de Fasselle's bridge from the manufacturing to marketing.)

Your Innovation Partner

You focus on developing and manufacturing your product—let Blitz handle your web and marketing needs. We'll keep your company on the cutting edge by introducing technology and tools that align with your business goals, such as responsive (mobile-friendly) web design.

Target Your Audience

We understand your customers and focus web and marketing strategy on driving sales. With Blitz, you draft a market "insider" to your team.

Extensive Manufacturing Experience

Blitz Media Design has served as a marketing partner for manufacturers in the technical, medical, food, aviation industries and more, including: