Trade Show & Point-of-Purchase Display Design

Stand out from the crowd by telling the customer what's in it for them.

Have it ready on time

Before we even begin discussing appearance, critical planning must take place to ensure your success. The first consideration is your available booth or store space; we work to find the set-up that fits your space and needs. Next we will work out a timeline to ensure that your display is ready in time for the trade show or your product launch. With design, production, and shipping times to consider, initial planning can help reduce the stress of preparing for a trade show.

How will you stand out when everyone is screaming for your attention?

In stores or trade show environments, everyone is competing for attention with promotions, huge video screens, and everything imaginable. So how do you stand out? By telling the customer what's in it for them.

While you may have 4' x 8' panels to work with, filling them with content will be counter-productive. Grab attention with a big headline and draw them in for more. Additionally, there should not be any written content on your display in the lower third of the display. People will not read content that is below their knees.

Warm up the crowd before they arrive

A direct mail piece is an excellent way to tell people your booth number and showcase a promotion or giveaway that you will be doing at the show. Additionally, create a page on you site featuring this information, as well as including the web address on your direct mail piece can help you track interest. Also publicize your shows and promotions in your social media accounts.