Effective Logo Design

A logo needs to identify you and look good in a variety of uses.

The purpose of a logo is to identify

Not only does a good logo identify your company, it also looks good in a variety of uses and sizes. If your logo was printed the size of a postage stamp (or smaller) would it still be legible as your logo? Would your logo look great on a billboard? There are numerous places that logos appear and your logo should be identifiable as your's regardless of size. A logo will go on your web site, business card, letterhead, brochure and many other items, so it is critical to maintain a consistent and professional appearance.

We provide design samples in color (even in full-color and two-color versions), grayscale as well as black and white so you can see how the logo will work for any conceivable purpose. For example, fax machines often turn complex logos into unrecognizable blobs--those don't create a good impression on the recipient. We also provide you samples in different sizes to see how the logo will scale.

Why you should NOT make your logo bigger

Novices tend to want their logos bigger, or try to make them too detailed. Consider that some of the most recognized and successful logos — Nike, Target, Apple, Mercedes — are clean, simple, and effective. They work on a letterhead, fax or photocopy, billboard, and any other medium. Companies like those can afford to spend whatever they want, but adhere to the following basics:

When is it time for a logo or a logo redesign?

Logo Case Study

CADVenture logos

CADVenture wanted a new logo that would reflect the advanced 3D software they sell and support. The logo reads as a unique mark, emphasizes their initials "CV," while also reading as CADV.

A 2D version of the logo was created for situations and mediums in which it would be difficult to reproduce the 3D logo.