– Cool uniforms don't win games. Talented athletes, solid playbooks and knowing the competition wins games.


Ready, set… Execution is the "go" following a rigorous Strategic Planning process that informs a strategic marketing plan. Execution is when all of the legwork pays off. We think of it like this: A coach starts with a vision for the season, then sets measurable goals that are translated into plays. Those plays are executed, and wins happen along the way. At the end of the season, there's success. (And, of course, the crowd goes wild.) Executing a marketing strategy starts with a solid, well-founded plan and includes ongoing checkpoints as progress is made with each "play."

Go! Blitz Media Design is your marketing partner, and here's how we execute your plan.

Drafting the plan.

We begin the web design with a responsive, gray-scale prototype. We avoid color on purpose. (It's about staying focused on the ball: the base design.) You'll see compelling information about your business displayed in a powerful, effective way. And, we can make changes quickly and efficiently at this stage, if necessary.

Adding features.

Now we build on the base design and include captivating graphics, colors and other design elements. You'll get sample pages to review. This is yet another checkpoint. We believe that effective execution is an ongoing conversation-we're big on checkpoints. (Like we said, we're a coach.)

About those bells and whistles...

Some web companies win business by saying they'll give you the latest and greatest—all the bells and whistles you want. The problem is, your site often doesn't need those extras. When you overload a website with tools that are not in line with your actual marketing goals, you're just weighing down the technology. Web pages take longer to load. The site can actually become frustrating for visitors to use. And that's not what you want. We dedicate a lot of time and research figuring out what the most functional, effective web tools are out there and match appropriate features to your site. (You'll thank us later.)

Developing content.

We'll work closely with our copywriter to ensure that final content is effective and speaks to your potential customers. What you say online is just as important as how you look and how your site works.

Prepare to launch.

We're walking you through execution every step of the way, and once approved we'll launch the site and related marketing campaigns.

Continuum of services.

The launch is not the last step of your project. It's the premiere. We'll keep playing this game together, fine-tuning and managing your digital marketing so it continues to drive results that matter: more customers and sales.

Executing a web and marketing strategy starts with a solid plan and requires expertise, discipline—a tested process that will take you from concept to completion. Let's talk. more about how Blitz Media Design can launch a results-driven marketing strategy for your business.