Content Management System (CMS) Terms of Service

The CMS includes online video tutorials, updated periodically as we add features, and a PDF manual that may be printed. For additional training or support, we offer two options:

  1. A per-incident fee for phone support (fee waived if the problem is a bug on our end).
  2. Unlimited incident phone support for an annual fee per the following conditions
    1. CMS fees are per domain, and cover up to five people in your organization who may use it. If you need to allow more than five people access to the CMS, additional subscriptions are required.
    2. The free support is limited to one person per domain; if you have multiple users, you must designate a single support contact.

    If you want support for multiple users, additional fees will apply. For an additional fee, Blitz Media Design can also provide training, either in-person or via a webinar.

    While the CMS is intended as a WYSIWYG web editor, it does support editing the source code of a page. Editing in source requires knowledge of HTML and perhaps PHP code.

    If you edit in source mode and “break” something on the page, Blitz Media Design reserves the right to charge if you ask us to repair the page. Please keep in mind that the CMS "History" and "Undo" features allow you to restore a broken page back to its prior, working state.