This easy-to-use service allows you to edit your web site from any browser, anywhere, any time!

Important 2017 Update:
Editing with the Google PageSpeed plugin enabled may modify the markup of the page being updated. Please disable this extension while editing!

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Important Style Tips:

Do not copy-paste directly from a Word.doc or .docx file — use File Menu > Save As... and save it as plain text. That will prevent unwanted Word "styles" (that even Internet Explorer cannot understand) from getting into your web page.

Avoid using underlined words (underscoring usually indicates links)

Avoid inserting different fonts, sizes, and colors from those already in use on the site; otherwise, your pages will look unprofessional (aka the "Ransom Note" effect)

When adding images, either:

  • use our CMS image tool to resize and SAVE to properly alter the image for efficient web presentation (see the updated Images Tutorial); or,
  • resize and save for web resolution before uploading them to the site. This can be done with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or the free program named Gimp.

Video Tutorials for the Blitz Media Design CMS v5

Interface Overview

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Editing Text

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Adding Images

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Embedding a YouTube Video

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Uploading/Linking Files

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Linking to Pages

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Table Edits

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