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How One Tweet Far Exceeded My Expectations

by Scott de Fasselle
Kirtland Hornets football championship graphic

A well-timed graphic with a specific audience can produce results.

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, the Kirtland Hornets were playing in their fourth consecutive state championship game. Since I went to high school there (years ago), and have a passion for sports, I knew I wanted to design something to honor the school and my old hometown.
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To Get Started On Twitter—Just Listen!

By Scott de Fasselle
Twitter logo near a woman's ear
When people start using a social media platform, they frequently worry about what they don’t understand. So when beginning with Twitter, it’s easy to worry about how to get followers, favorites, retweets and so on. Then there’s the big question: What do I talk about on Twitter, anyway? (Will people really care?) When we get bogged down with these issues, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture.
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“When Is The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post?” [CoSchedule Blog]

The CoSchedule Blog article reviews 6 different studies to help you decide when to publish your blog post.

Generally, I’m not a big fan of these types of posts; however the first infographic in the article immediately presents the pros with the frequently ignored cons.

Posting during HIGH-activity hours:
Pro: More visitors.
Con: Content gets buried by other posts. Loses prominence due to noise.

Posting during LOW-activity hours:
Pro: Less noise. More prominence.
Con: Fewer visitors.

Why Search Engine Marketing is Better for Small Business Than Social Media


Why SEO is better than Social Media for small business
SEO Trumps Social Media for Most Small Businesses

While they are not mutually exclusive, many small businesses are making a mistake by emphasizing social media versus search engine marketing (SEM for fans of acronyms). True, Fortune 500 companies are pushing social media to engage people, but they already have the brand recognition and resources for an effective social media campaign. If you’re a small business, odds are your priority is to get new customers.

Here are three reasons why search engine marketing trumps social media:

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Keep the Social in Social Media

Keeping the SOCIAL in social media (icons)

It’s become a marketing mantra–you MUST have your business on Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or…

With hundreds of millions of daily visitors, it makes perfect sense to have a presence for this growing social media audience. But it’s not like the movie Field of Dreams where you build it and they will come. Successful social media requires a major time commitment, creativity, and focusing on your audience.

After all, it’s SOCIAL media, not ads media. Social media has exploded because it’s, well, social! It’s a place to find friends and family, share interests, and networking. No one will follow your social media site if it’s content is nothing but shameless ads for your products or services.

Before you start a social media campaign, carefully consider the following:
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Do You Understand Twitter and Facebook Marketing?

Social media graphic
If you have a website, someone has or will advise that “you must use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn” or one of the other social sites to market your business. But unless you understand them and what’s required, they will not be assets to your organization.

It’s important to keep in mind that Facebook, Twitter and the rest are classified as SOCIAL media. They provide a great way for friends to find one another, or share interests and news. It’s supposed to be fun, dynamic, and active, and something people WANT to see! It’s all about emotion, and not another place to post ads.

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Blogging – Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Blogging graphic - mouse and RSS feed icon
If you aren’t blogging already, someone has probably told you that you should. But is blogging truly for you and your organization?

Blogging can be an effective tool in keeping readers engaged, and help increase traffic to your web site in some cases. However, it’s not a magic bullet–successful blogging takes careful planning, quality content, and posting new material regularly on an ongoing basis. If you’re not willing or able to do those three things, blogging is a bad idea for you.

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