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How One Tweet Far Exceeded My Expectations

by Scott de Fasselle
Kirtland Hornets football championship graphic

A well-timed graphic with a specific audience can produce results.

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, the Kirtland Hornets were playing in their fourth consecutive state championship game. Since I went to high school there (years ago), and have a passion for sports, I knew I wanted to design something to honor the school and my old hometown.
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Responsive Website – The Cobbler’s Child Gets New Shoes

By Craig de Fasselle

After years of telling clients they should have a responsive website, Blitz Media Design has finally practiced what we preach with this launch of our own mobile-friendly site.

The old platitude “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” is a common saying among designers and other professionals. Many of us are too busy to practice what we preach within our own fields–that’s been true of Blitz until now. Continue reading Responsive Website – The Cobbler’s Child Gets New Shoes

Making Design by Committee Work

By Craig de Fasselle

We’ve all heard the old line that a camel is a horse designed by committee. Truth be told, designers would rather not deal with committees, and this post was initially heading in a “why you should avoid it” direction. Why—this classic YouTube video is a great example of how design by committee can go horribly wrong.

Designing the Stop Sign

But since it’s a fact of life for designers, is there a way to make design by committee work? It’s understandable that organizations want to empower their people and seek their involvement. Designers want to encourage client feedback, and we want our clients to be pleased with the result. Continue reading Making Design by Committee Work

The Web Design Project – Who Does What?

The Web Design Project - Who Does What graphicTruly successful web design projects are a collaboration of your product/services expertise with our design and usability expertise.

As The Client, trying to find a template or create your own design using PowerPoint won’t help us as much as providing information on your organization’s strengths and specific goals for the website. Successful web projects tend to break down to the following division of responsibilities: Continue reading The Web Design Project – Who Does What?