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A cum laude Art major (graphic design concentration) and English minor at Xavier University, Scott de Fasselle spent several years at a small advertising agency in Cincinnati before joining Blitz Media Design in 2007. Scott knew he wanted to be a designer before entering college, and had already designed several web sites, logos, and brochures for business clients before graduating. In addition to web design, Scott brings outstanding graphic design skills, 3D rendering, and print design experience. Scott has designed brochures, promotional packaging, print advertising, multimedia presentations, trade show displays, direct mail, e-newsletters, and web sites for a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits. Scott can be contacted at 513-445-2024.

To Get Started On Twitter—Just Listen!

By Scott de Fasselle
Twitter logo near a woman's ear
When people start using a social media platform, they frequently worry about what they don’t understand. So when beginning with Twitter, it’s easy to worry about how to get followers, favorites, retweets and so on. Then there’s the big question: What do I talk about on Twitter, anyway? (Will people really care?) When we get bogged down with these issues, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture.
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“When Is The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post?” [CoSchedule Blog]

The CoSchedule Blog article reviews 6 different studies to help you decide when to publish your blog post.

Generally, I’m not a big fan of these types of posts; however the first infographic in the article immediately presents the pros with the frequently ignored cons.

Posting during HIGH-activity hours:
Pro: More visitors.
Con: Content gets buried by other posts. Loses prominence due to noise.

Posting during LOW-activity hours:
Pro: Less noise. More prominence.
Con: Fewer visitors.

“Focus on legibility over fancy technology or marketing copy”

Paul Boag’s “Focus on legibility over fancy technology or marketing copy” provides excellent advice on how to make text more legible and easier to understand.

At the end Paul hits on what so many people overlook:
“We are all constantly seeking to improve the effectiveness of our websites, and there are no shortage of companies out there willing to sell you an expensive piece of technology or impressive sounding marketing campaign to help. But before you next spend money on your website stop and ask yourself whether the basics are all as optimised as they could be. Improving legibility is cheap to do and is often just as effective as investing in new technology or commissioning an expensive ad agency.”

Content Matters: Planning Site Updates will Boost Profitability

by Scott de Fasselle
email request from boss
“We need this content added to the website ASAP!”

Does this urgent website update request sound familiar? If you’re the one responsible for managing website content updates at your company, you probably receive daily notices like this in your inbox. Continue reading Content Matters: Planning Site Updates will Boost Profitability

Who’s Finding You Online—and Are Internet Filter Bubbles Busting Your Search Results?

by Scott de Fasselle
circle surround the words filter bubble

Don’t you love it when you find exactly what you were searching for—when the results are so personalized, it’s as if Google has been hanging out in your brain waiting for you to ask the question: What’s the closest Thai restaurant? Who’s the best plumber? Where can I find a web designer that will boost my search engine ranking. (Sorry, couldn’t resist…) Continue reading Who’s Finding You Online—and Are Internet Filter Bubbles Busting Your Search Results?

Why We Start Your Website Design With a Prototype

by Scott de Fasselle

grayscreen website prototype

Information design is the blueprint for your website–it’s the “floor plan” that includes your site’s navigation and how content is organized on site pages, and it’s the first step to executing a successful new website design. If you think about it, website design a lot like building a house. Would you worry about the color/style of the carpet, walls and counters before anything else? Or, would you review the floor plan with the builder to make sure that the home will include all of the spaces you need? With website design, this infrastructure is reviewed using a grayscreen website prototype, allowing us (the designer) and you (the client) to focus on the most important aspect of your new website: information design.

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