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A cum laude Art major (graphic design concentration) and English minor at Xavier University, Scott de Fasselle spent several years at a small advertising agency in Cincinnati before joining Blitz Media Design in 2007. Scott knew he wanted to be a designer before entering college, and had already designed several web sites, logos, and brochures for business clients before graduating. In addition to web design, Scott brings outstanding graphic design skills, 3D rendering, and print design experience. Scott has designed brochures, promotional packaging, print advertising, multimedia presentations, trade show displays, direct mail, e-newsletters, and web sites for a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits. Scott can be contacted at 513-445-2024.

The Hidden Challenge of Attracting DSPs at Job Fairs

job applicants at a DD job fair

When we’re helping clients attract more DSP applicants, the initial focus is on increasing applications online. With a recent DD job fair in our area, I went to observe, listen, and take some notes.

I wanted to see what’s holding organizations back from more applicants in an environment where people are ready to apply on the spot.

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Motivate More People to Apply on DSP Ohio

woman talking with man with Down Syndrome

And The Simple Four-Step Formula to Guide You

In our last post, How to Improve your DSP Ohio Job Posting, we talked about the mindset and approach to make your job postings more attractive to potential applicants.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s cover how to motivate more people to apply for Direct Support Professional jobs.

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How to Motivate People to Support Your Nonprofit

Lego Batman is awesome

And Why Understanding Batman Will Help Your Cause…

When you write your non-profit’s mission statement, do you feel something missing?

Do you struggle to find the right words to convey your passion, your beliefs, and how worthy your cause is?

You know people understand what you’re doing, but you wish you could motivate more to help you in your mission.

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Four Questions to Save on Creative Agency Hourly Rates

designer making notes in a notebook

When you’re looking to hire a marketing, web, or design agency, it’s natural to wonder what your costs are going to be. Which means you want to know what the agency’s hourly rate is, right?

So, what is your hourly rate?

This seems like a simple question that should have a simple answer of X dollars per hour. But it’s not, and here’s why.

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“How To Network on Instagram Direct Message” [Gary Vaynerchuk]

Why you should read Gary V’s insight on Instagram:

At the moment, you have a fantastic opportunity to access anyone on Instagram by sending a direct message. Gary shows you the basics of how to do it and more importantly the approach to get results.

This is an especially great marketing tactic if:

  • you’re a small businesses that don’t have money to invest in paid advertising on social media
  • you’re a small businesses and you’re ready to invest time
  • you have a product and want to gain more exposure with the help of an influencer
  • you’ve opened a new local shop

How to Get an Interview for a Graphic Design Internship

woman looking at many colors on a wall

Dear college design student looking for an internship,

Are you wondering how to write an email to get a design internship?

What should you include in your email?

How do you get an interview for an internship?

What if the company doesn’t have any internships?

Here’s how to prove to a design, web, and marketing agency that they need to interview you for an internship.

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My Journey from Shop Floor to Marketing/Design

Scott de Fasselle
Scott de Fasselle

You learn business lessons early on when you grow up in a family operation, and when you have an opportunity to work for an entrepreneur. You get the sort of education that college courses, seminars and books don’t teach—the hard knocks stuff, the hands-on work that ultimately creates a foundation for your career. Experiences in two completely different work lives—at Dad’s manufacturing company and a marketing communications firm—shaped who I am today as a business owner and designer.

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