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Craig de Fasselle spent his early career as president of Meter Equipment Mfg. He has six patents in flow instrumentation, developed a calibration bench for blood viscometers, and handled the company’s marketing. Craig's success in creating and leading user-to-user forums led to serving as a paid consultant for America Online and Women.com for over five years. He created his first website in the mid-90s, and the web sales generated evolved into a new, full-time career. Founding Web Refinements in 1999, Craig sold the manufacturing company to pursue web development full-time. He is an expert in the design requirements and strategies to achieve user-friendly sites, SEO, and driving targeted traffic to your web site. Craig can be contacted at 440-497-0029.

3 Secrets to High-Quality Leads from Thomasnet

We’ve worked with Thomas for a long time… (Photo by Dan Paluska: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sixmilliondollardan/3535595281)

Thomasnet can be a powerful lead generation tool IF used properly. In our experience, many clients fail to get their share of high-quality leads from Thomasnet. Do you find yourself asking:

  • The cost is HOW MUCH?
  • Is it paying for itself?
  • Are we closing many sales from Thomasnet leads?

Have you renewed out of fear that canceling will mean no leads at all. Here are 3 tips on how to get more qualified leads AND sales from Thomasnet.

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The Origin of Murphy’s Law

Murphy's Law origin - Edwards Air Force base rocket sled from Library of Congress

I’ve seen numerous stories of the origin of Murphy’s Law, but believe the following to be the most accurate, My source was an old magazine article where the author interviewed Edward A. Murphy. It includes photos of Murphy during the interview, lending to its credibility. Of course, if there are errors in how others or I have recounted this event, they reaffirm Murphy’s Law!

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You Do Not Need a Website


What?! We know, you’re reading the headline again and wondering, “Did they make a typo? Did someone hack the blog?” Surely, we don’t mean that your business does not need a website—because we are in the web marketing business, after all.

But we’re serious. You do not need a website.

(Take a deep breath.)

What you do need is an effective online business. Believe us, there’s a difference. Continue reading You Do Not Need a Website

A Journey from Manufacturing to Website Design & Marketing

Dr. Flow* was part of my first manufacturing website and interactive presentation. He was based on one of our best sales reps.
Dr. Flow* was part of my first manufacturing website and interactive presentation. He was based on one of our best sales reps.

Like most web designers, I used to be an engineer and own a manufacturing company. Okay, it wasn’t a traditional path, but it has proven helpful, particularly for our industrial clients.

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Why is spam so hard to stop?

By Craig de Fasselle


Not a week goes by without someone asking “Can’t you stop all this spam?” If I could stop all spam, I’d be typing this from a private island!

Believe it or not, if we host your email, we’re already rejecting about 70 percent of the junk coming your way. So why does so much still slip through?

There are four basic categories of fighting spam… none are perfect.

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SEO Myths and Facts

By Craig de Fasselle
Once upon a time, SEO was all about keyword stuffing, landing pages, submitting your site monthly to searches, and trying to stay ahead of every search engine algorithm change. Then SEO transitioned into link building, obsessing over keyword-optimized content, and trying to trick search engines into ranking your site above the rest.

SEO is far from dead, but it has changed–and it’s probably a lot different than what you think. Continue reading SEO Myths and Facts