To Get Started On Twitter—Just Listen!

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By Scott de Fasselle
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When people start using a social media platform, they frequently worry about what they don’t understand. So when beginning with Twitter, it’s easy to worry about how to get followers, favorites, retweets and so on. Then there’s the big question: What do I talk about on Twitter, anyway? (Will people really care?) When we get bogged down with these issues, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture.

Yes, deciding what to talk about is important, but knowing what your audience wants to hear matters the most. So, how do you find that out? Just listen.

Imagine for a minute that Twitter is a live cocktail party. There are thousands of people shouting all at once and a few small pockets of people having actual conversations. Naturally, all of this is new and rather overwhelming, so what do you do?

Picture walking into the party and shouting, “I had the most amazing BLT for lunch today!” or “Buy my new product now!” Obviously, I doubt you’d actually do that at a real party. And, if you did make comments like this, you would probably expect your outburst to be ignored by partygoers or met with strange looks. So why do so many of us still act this way online? I believe it’s because we’re just not sure how to start a conversation. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

In the real world, we know that conversations start because someone listens, and then responds to a question or shares an additional thought. So if you want to start conversations on Twitter, remember that plenty of people are already talking, but few are truly listening. You can easily set yourself and your company apart by listening and caring about others.

It’s call social media for a reason. People want to interact, be inspired, find entertainment or simply be distracted. By listening you’ll better understand what people want and need and put yourself in a position to share that with someone else and build a true connection.

Written by Scott de Fasselle

May 13th, 2015 at 11:59 am

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