Mistake 4: The ghost town web site

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Everyone has come across a “ghost town” web site — that’s the site where the “latest news” is two years old.  It tells visitors that the lights are on but no one is home, and worst of all it raises questions, such as “Do they still provide this product or service?,” “Is there something better that they now offer that’s not on the site?,” or “Are they even in business?” Clearly this isn’t the best first impression and can deter future customers.

There a plenty of excuses you can make for why your web site is out-of-date. However, there’s one reason from the very start that many web sites become stagnant — the mindset that a web site is “done.” Repeat after me…a web site is never “done.”

Of course when a new web site is built and made live online, that’s a significant amount of work, but it doesn’t mean your site is complete. Thinking of the site a finished negates the power of the web to be instantly and regularly updated at minimal cost. Have your services and products changed over the last two or three years? Chances are they have, and your web site should be maintained to reflect those changes.

Now some of you maybe skeptical that this is merely self-serving advice coming from a web designer who’s cooked up this idea with his fellow computer geeks to generate business. That’s not the case and here’s why. Your site is either updated by you, your web person, or a combination of both. A web designer can’t force you to give them info to update your site. Or if you update your site, then you know who is at fault.

So try not to think of your site as being done, but rather focus on making sure that it is current. Making this effort to regularly add info and update content will go a long way to keeping your site fresh for potential customers and search engines.

Written by Scott de Fasselle

July 26th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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