We help... Because you do

In 2017, Resident Home Association of Greater Dayton found us in their search for marketing help.

During our conversations, we learned about the challenges they had finding and retaining Direct Support Professionals.

That conversation changed our business as much as it did theirs.

Working with RHA was one of the most meaningful experiences in our careers-and we knew we wanted to do more to help.

So we reached out to a wide variety of DD organizations to learn about how they were coping with similar challenges.

And based on their issues, we remade our entire business.

We're driven to do this work not simply because it's rewarding-but because we have a personal connection to the cause.

About Scott de Fasselle

My mother (and Craig's wife) Sara worked for the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Hearing about her work as I grew up-and meeting some of the people she helped-had a significant impact on my childhood.

It opened my eyes to the fact that there are always people who need help, and organizations who do the great (sometimes unrecognized) work of helping them.

Blitz is my opportunity to give back, even if in only a small way, to a community that I have long felt passionately about.

  • Earned Eagle Scout at 15 years old. His project benefited a shelter for battered women and their children
  • Saved a nonprofit client over $11,000 with one 30-minute conversation
  • Speaker at DD Conferences & Workshops

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About Craig de Fasselle

My first exposure to the work that now fills my days was in college, doing student teaching and designing recreation programs for children with DD.

Later in life, I started consulting in digital marketing and web development. And in 2002, I sold my company to pursue digital marketing full-time.

And although I continued to do significant work with the manufacturing sector, over the 17 years since I've stayed very involved with a variety of nonprofits.

I love working with people passionate about their mission, and I now find it very personally rewarding to work exclusively with DD-focused non-profits.

  • Owned & sold two successful businesses; five patents
  • Wrote successful grants for iPads for Autism program
  • Speaker at DD Conferences & Nonprofit Workshops

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