We're vested in your success

You're working with Craig & Scott (the owners) all the time. When you pick up the phone to call—it's going to be Craig or Scott answering.

We'll talk at least once a week during projects. You won't have to wonder what's happening. You'll know what's been done and what's in progress.

We work to continue earning your business. We never try to keep business by holding your website or web address hostage.

We have a deep passion to continuously learn and grow. We love being able to provide you with more valuable insight, service, and results.

Our core values:

  • Honest relationships
  • Responsive Service
  • Craftsmanship
  • Commitment to continuous education
  • Fun

A Father & Son Team

Craig de Fasselle portraitCraig de Fasselle spent his early career as president of Meter Equipment Mfg. He has patents in flow instrumentation, developed a calibration bench for blood viscometers, and handled the company’s marketing.

Craig's success in creating and leading user-to-user forums led to serving as a paid consultant for America Online and Women.com for over five years. He created his first website in the mid-90s, and the web sales generated evolved into a new, full-time career.

Founding Web Refinements in 1999, Craig sold the manufacturing company to pursue digital marketing full-time. He is an expert in the design requirements and strategies to achieve user-friendly websites, SEO, and lead generation. Craig can be contacted at 937-985-1510.

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Scott de Fasselle portraitA cum laude Art major (graphic design concentration) and English minor at Xavier University, Scott de Fasselle spent several years at a small advertising agency in Cincinnati before joining Blitz Media Design in 2007.

Scott knew he wanted to be a designer before entering college, and had already designed several web sites, logos, and brochures for business clients before graduating.

In addition to web design, Scott brings outstanding graphic design skills, 3D rendering, and print design experience. Scott has designed brochures, promotional packaging, print advertising, multimedia presentations, trade show displays, direct mail, e-newsletters, and web sites for a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits. Scott can be contacted at 937-985-1510.

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About Blitz Media Design

Founded: 1999 (as Web Refinements LLC); rebranded to our registered trade name of Blitz Media Design in 2008.

Philosophy: "Designing for Results" is more than a company slogan — it's our guiding principle. Our design focus is making profit for commercial clients, and getting converts for non-profits.

Design isn't simply about art — a successful project has specific goals, an evolving marketing strategy, and a continuing collaboration of your product/services expertise with our design and usability expertise.

Market: Blitz Media Design serves clientele across the globe. While our primary concentration is on small manufacturing and industrial clients, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies. We provide clients with marketing strategies, web and graphic design, and product photography.

The Organization

Blitz Media Design is a registered trade name of Web Refinements.

While the company has supporting experts in various disciplines including programming and copywriting, the principals are the father-son team of Craig and Scott de Fasselle. They draw on a rare combination of small and large business experience.