We help developmental disabilities providers attract and retain great DSPs with communication that motivates!

COVID-19 Event Impact & Help Offer

We work with your HR team to break the DSP Hamster Wheel of recruiting, hiring, and retention so they can focus on what they do best!

The DSP Magnet® Process helps end the DSP hamster wheel of recruiting, hiring, and retaining Direct Support Professionals, as well as engaging donors and serving more people—all with digital tools and systems that save you time and money.

Sound familiar?

  • We're wasting a lot of time and money training new DSPs… Then watching them quit in 6 months or less.
  • We can't afford any more overtime—especially since it's burning out our best people.
  • We used to have 10 applicants for 2 jobs. Now we have 10 jobs and only 2 applicants.
  • Our county board needs to transition to private and outsourced providers—fast.
  • Our web page, social media, and emails just aren't "connecting" with people anymore.

At Blitz Media Design, we understand the challenges faced by the Intellectual Developmental Disabilities community. Whether you need to recruit DSPs or are a county board mandated to transition to private care, our expertise can help.

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Testimonial: Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities Workshop: Creating a DSP Magnet

Upcoming Presentations

Hiring Better DSPs Despite COVID-19
This FREE webinar will give you simple actions you can take now to adjust your hiring, help applicants feel more confident, and get better information when you can't meet face-to-face!
Wednesday, May 27th, 2:000 pm EDT

In-person events will be done virtually or rescheduled soon.

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“We submitted our updated applicant-centered job postings to Indeed Friday afternoon in three service locations and received 173 applicants by Monday morning. Our posts garnered more views in 48 hours than we had previously experienced and we are excited to test the results of Blitz's more applicant-focused posting style!”

— Sarah Koenig, Path Forward of Kentucky

“I implemented a lot of things that we had talked about at the training already and it seems to be helping. We just hired EIGHT new DSP staff just last week and we have 3 more getting ready to start this week.

It definitely seems to be helping a lot!”

— Courtney, Community Assisted Living