Developmental disabilities organizations face unique demands on their time and resources. We can help you attract & retain DSPs, transition to private providers, engage donors, and serve more people—all with digital tools and systems that save you time and money.

Sound familiar?

  • We're wasting a lot of time and money training new DSPs… Then watching them quit in 6 months.
  • We used to have 10 applicants for 2 jobs. Now we have 10 jobs and only 2 applicants.
  • Our county board needs to transition to private and outsourced providers-fast.
  • Our web page, social media, and emails just aren't "connecting" with people anymore.
  • We can't afford any more overtime-especially since it's burning out our best people.

At Blitz Media Design, we understand the challenges faced by the Intellectual Developmental Disabilities community. Whether you need to recruit DSPs or are a county board mandated to transition to private care, our expertise can help.

Case Study: Resident Home Association's DSP Challenge

Reponsive web site for Resident Home Association of Dayton

“Before we worked with Craig and Scott, almost no one applied on our website. Thanks to their process, we came up with an approach that produced over 300 online applications in 16 months!”

— Peter J. Roll, Executive Director Resident Home Association